Our Mission

 The Mission of Praise and Worship center A/G is to stay occupied till the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, Luke 19:13 

Our Vision


Our Vision is to engage what we have been given by the Holy Spirit in the Work of God. We envision staying busy with our talents, money, time, and energy to grow God’s presence in the Community and accomplish his calling in our lives.

Our Strategy


1. We shall work towards making the biblical principles available to both the lost souls and the born-again Christians through the teaching of the word.

2. We shall spread forth the good news to the community by witnessing and the sharing of tracts.

3. We shall provide spiritual programs round the year for the spiritual awareness of the lost souls

Our Core Beliefs

 Salvation : - We believe that Salvation is crucial and central to our christian faith. It is the only way to announce and live by God's Victory over Sin as Christians 

Baptism in the Holy Spirit:-  We believe The Holy Spirit was sent to the early disciples resulting in their reciept of power from on high to be His witnesses. We believe this is true and applicable to our times today as we preach the word to the world. 

Divine Healing Jesus is still in the busines of healing. This is why the doctrine of healing is part of what we preach, teach, and practice. Scriptures establish that healing is a truth that believers must pray and trust God for a response

The Second ComingWe believe in the Second coming of Jesus Christ. We believe that the end time manifestations of disasters, political uncertainties, and economic crisis , which we were all prophesied in the bible  are strong indications of the Second Coming of Christ.