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Men's Ministry

 Our Men's Ministries is targeted to provided spiritual guidance for the men in the church. Men are expected to grow in our Lord Jesus and attain a relationship with Jesus and fellow believers/ 

Women's Ministry

Our women's ministry strengthens and provides the knowledge and zeal to our women to seek out the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and leave by these principles. Our women's ministry also supports  the women with all the physical and spiritual resources they need in life as single moms, married, divorced, or single ladies. 

Youth / Children's Ministry

The Youth and our Children form a crucial part of our church. They are our next generation of believers who will take over and continue with the work of God. We are relentless in guiding, praying, and counseling them as they meander through these very challenging distractions within our cultures, schools, the social media, and other religious beliefs. Our drive to project our youth and children will not cease until they grow into spirit-filled Christ-Centered souls for the Lord. 

Special Teaching Programs for the Young Ones

The continually fills us with ideas that enable us to create interesting, exciting and situationally relevant programs for our youth and kids. 

Do not miss out on our youth and children's programs

We Have Big and Good News for You

You have the good news to drop off your kids during church service and come back for them after church service, if for some reason you are unable to come to church by yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get my son or daughter committed to the things of the Lord Jesus?

What is the fate of our children and youth  who are victims of broken homes?

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